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Wells get the job done by getting there safely, efficiently and smartly - Whether it's via a 4-wheel drive on a muddy rural road, a car on the motorway, or an electric bike on a narrow city street.


Wells Cars

Wells Cars cover both urban and rural regions of New Zealand and are well recognised by the public. Meter reading cars in particular are an iconic part of  the Wells identity, with a common remark "I've seen the Wells car" applying to many who come in contact with Wells staff.





With significant field operations across New Zealand's wide range of terrain. Wells ensures that all staff can get to the job when needed - in a safe,efficient and smart way...


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Wells electric bicycles

Vehicle Safety


Wells vehicles are maintained to high safety standards, regularly audited and driven in a safe and considerate manner, ensuring our team focus is on customer service and brand protection.


All Wells vehicles have GPS installed so we know where all staff are at any point in time to ensure their safety. Exterior signwriting includes a Driver Comment line to encourage safe and appropriate driving.


And all our vehicles have their driving lights wired to be on when the car is switched on to improve visibility and safety on the roads.


Wells places considerable emphasis and resource on driver training, identifying this as a major risk factor in our mobile workforce. All Wells staff are required to pass both an internal and external driving assessment with a registered driving instructor prior to being approved to drive a Wells vehicle.

Wells meter reading electric bike lined up outside office



Meter reading is a core business of Wells. Wells meter reading cars are a well-recognised part of many New Zealand neighbourhoods, but there's also another method of transport that Wells has explored that may have meter readers travelling in a much more efficient manner...

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