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Wells Group company Western Switchgear Ltd provides Switchboard Panel assemblies to customer requirements and specifications.


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Wells Group company Western Switchgear Ltd provides Switchboard Panel assemblies to customer requirements and specifications


The company was formed in 1985 to meet a clear need for high quality, custom built, low voltage Switchboards, Motor Control Centres and Control and Distribution Panels.


To be a leader in its field, Western Switchgear set out the following clearly defined objectives at the time of its formation:


-  A  company driven to achieve its objectives

- To produce a quality product at a competitive price

- To achieve the highest possible quality standards

- To provide solutions to customer needs

- Management and staff focused on customer satisfaction



As an accredited assembler of CUBIC Type tested MCC Panels, the company is able to design, manufacture and service the following custom built products;


- CUBIC Type Tested MCC Panels and Distribution Panels

- Main Switchboards up to 7000 amps

- Electrical Distribution Boards

- Power Factor Correction

- Control Panels and Control Desks

- PLC Cabinets, Field Panels and Marshalling Racks

- Mimic Panels

- Pneumatic Panels

- Retrofitting Electrical Switchboards

- Custom Design & Build of Electrical and Instrumentation Control Panels





The company’s ISO 9001:2008 accreditation means Western Switchgear Ltd has a robust Quality Assurance system.


This Quality Accreditation allows us to predominantly participate in highly specialised industries including the Petrochemical, Dairy, Power Generation, Water and Wastewater Treatment by providing:


- Formal certification of our system demonstrating our commitment to quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.

- The customer with confidence in our ability to deliver products or services that consistently meet their requirements.

- Continued customer confidence in our effectiveness as Telarc regularly reviews our management system for compliance to standards.

- Our management system has been assessed and recognised by New Zealand’s most recognised and established certification body.


The nature of clients places specific emphasis on experience, expertise, capability, reliability and quality.


At Western Switchgear, every staff member is committed to delivering quality products that comply in every respect to the client’s contractual specifications and to regulatory requirements.


As a Telarc Registered Supplier Company and a member of Standards New Zealand, Western Switchgear is always at the forefront of adopting the latest standards.



Health & Safety Management


Western Switchgear Ltd prides itself on an excellent safety record. As a member of the Wells Group our HSE policy and practices are aligned with and administered by the group.


Through continual commitment to Health and Safety, the group have gained Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) Tertiary Accreditation with ACC, giving us the highest level of attainment for Health and Safety Management.


Below is a selection of major contracts Western Switchgear Ltd have completed for a range of clients.


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