Pohokura Production station









‚ÄčThis project was designed to help production output of this plant and as part of this there was a requirement to install a new electrically driven reciprocating gas compressor. Involving 20 staff, 20,000 man-hours over 10 months...

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Wells was awarded work on the Pohokura Gas Reinjection project due to successful working relationships with Transfield Worley and Shell Todd Oil Services.



Wells completed the electrical work for the new electrically driven 3700 Kilowatt reciprocating gas compressor. The electrical system is made up of a new 11 Kilovolt, 6.6 Kilovolt and 400 Volt systems to feed the new equipment required for this project, the project also entailed included additional instrumentation works. This was a 10 month period, 20,000 man hour project with a peak of 20 staff.

Ths is the first time I've been on a project where I&E documentation was completed before mechanical - Wells does it again...



Construction Manager - Shell Todd Oil Services

Pohokura gas injection
Pohokura Production Station