Plan journeys taking into consideration pre-journey work duties, work required throughout the trip and post journey commitments.


Plan the route, take a map of the route if travelling unfamiliar country.


Check the weather forecast prior to the trip.


Ensure plenty of time to reach destination travelling at suitable speeds for conditions.


Ensure that hours of work and driving time should whenever practicable not exceed 13 hours.


On a day where 15 hours has been spent working and driving, and it is anticipated that an excess of 13 hours of work and driving will be required on the following day, then consult your manager as soon as possible to discuss and approve the extended hours of work.


The manager should ensure all reasonable steps are taken to minimise an employee needing to drive after 13 hours in total working and driving on the second day.


Consider staying overnight if working out of town where driving time and other work duties might exceed 13 hours in a day.


If the expected driving time and other work duties will total more than 15 hours in one day, then the driver must contact their direct supervisor to discuss their ability to drive safely or make plans to stay overnight.