Wells team in PPE



The Wells team is made up of more than 600 employees operating nationwide. We all share in what has become known as having the "Wells attitude". This attitude means Wells people don’t go to work to sit behind a desk or fill out time sheets. They go to work to serve their clients.


That’s because Wells people are focused, big picture people. They attend to the job at hand and see what else needs to be done at the same time. That’s how we deliver superior service and build client relationships. That’s how we’ve become known as a powerhouse of doing each job right.


Wells train people to be employees for life - to take that Wells ethos with them and set new industry benchmarks.  So whoever they work for, it will be far beyond normal expectations.



The Wells ethos has built the company a strong reputation as a team of teams, that not only delivers, but forms long-term partnerships with it's clients.


It's something every person that works for Wells innately has or develops over time. It's not easily defined, particularly when asking Wells staff, who will simply tell you - "It's just what we do around here".