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These days you’ll find teams of Wells staff providing meter reading services to customers in pretty much every nook and cranny of New Zealand’s North Island. But in the earlier years Wells Meter readers were a little more elusive. The rise to Nation-wide coverage occurred from Wells building momentum on the successes from each project they undertook. A particularly successful project was the Contact Energy meter reading contract for the North Island...

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It began in August 2007, Wells made a successful tender for the Contact North Island Meter Reading contract. It was the first meter reading contract with Contact, and a big one, needing resources to cover the entire North Island, and it all had to be ready by the start of September.


One of the first challenges for was sourcing the large numbers of staff and vehicles required in a fairly short time frame. Wells put all the necessary requirements in place and did some intensive recruiting work to set up more meter reading bases in the locations needed across the North Island, from Kaitaia to Wellington.


Wells knew they could get the job done, and proved it. Sure enough Contact were pretty chuffed with the way the project was carried out. Wells performance had been better than any previous contractors.







Wells Meter Reader stepping out of car

Wells knew they could get the job done, and proved it..."


The good work that Wells did for Contact Energy in the Meter Reading contract, as well as now having large coverage across the North Island were a leg-up to subsequent projects for Contact Energy, not to mention other companies. An example was the CAT-1 Ten year audit for Contact Energy, which was largely in the Hawkes Bay/Napier area, another was Mercury Energy wanting to increase their focus on the Wellington region. Wells could get the job done, because they had capability in these areas.




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Rural meter reader using mobile device in King Country New Zealand

With multiple side projects different to meter reading being picked up by Wells along the way. Wells have expanded their reach across the entire country, they’ve learned a lot throughout the contracts, they’re finding new  and innovative ways to be even more efficient at completing their work, and their meter readers are still operating out of the bases today.