Project Maunga Taranaki Base Hospital



Wells won the tender to complete electrical installation work on Project Maunga - Taranaki Base Hospital's new acute service block. Providing significantly better quality environments for patients and staff. Including 6 new operating theatres, day stay services and inpaitent
ward block...

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Wells tendered for Project Maunga - Taranaki Base Hospitals new acute service block and was successful with Fletcher construction as main builder.


The project was split into two sections:


1.) Main acute service block

2.) New entry link connecting the acute service block with the existing hospital.


The project covered 11 Kilovolt system, 400 Kilovolt system, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system, medical area installation, and general power and lighting.

11 Kilovolt System

Wells engaged Ergo consultants for design of control and protection system for the 11KV system, the system is made up of two new 750 KVA transformers, two New 11 KV switch boards, and ring main which Wells installed.


Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

UPS systems required the installation of two 60 Kilovolt Amp (KVA) unit to supply the operating theatres, three 40 KVA units to supply the data centre and Installation of one 10 KVA unit for Emergency lighting system.


Medical Area Installation

Medical areas cover cardiac areas level one body protected areas level 1 to level 4.


General Power and Lighting

General power and lighting included installation of, 95000 mts of cable, 3400 light fittings, 2300 power outlets, 16 switchboards, and lighting control system.

Wells electricians installing lighting at Taranaki Base Hospital
Wells electricians installing x-ray machinery at Taranaki Base Hospital

Photo: Wells staff undertaking installation of lights and outlets in one of the 126 ward rooms.

Photo: Wells staff working in one of the 6 operating theatres undertaking final testing and inspections.