Wells Kupe Production Station project



‚ÄčWells I & E supplied bulk of the labour required for the instrumentation and electrical installation during the construction of the Kupe Production Station in Manaia, Taranaki. This was an 18 month 200,000 man-hour project...

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Wells won a large part of the I&E works in the Kupe Production Station construction. Not long into the project it was evident that engineering skills were needed to liaise between the construction workforce and the design team on technical queries, and a Wells engineering resource was added to the project to fulfil this need.




Wells Kupe Production Station project
Wells Kupe Production Station project

As the project moved from the construction phase into the commissioning phase, the need arose for a specialist team to oversee and control the de-isolation of plant in the handover from construction to process commissioning, and the Wells engineering resource was utilised to head this team, ensuring the safe operation of completed plant in an environment that was still very much a construction site.


The prime directive was to avert any dangerous incidents, and this was achieved without exception.