Maui oil rig



Wells were the exclusive instrumentation and electrical contractor and service provider for the Integrated Services Contract. The start of a 20 year on-going relationship...

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In 1993 Wells I & E commenced providing the full Instrumentation and Electrical Contract requirements for this Multi-Disciplined Contract to maintain the assets and installations of Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS), which included up to 3 offshore and 3 onshore facilities.


The Instrumentation and Electrical requirements of this Contract equate to approximately 70,000 hours per year. The total facilities have grown to two off-shore and five on-shore with operational support for STOS Sub contractors where required.

Maui-B helicopter pad

You have exceeded expectations on all fronts without harm to the environment, assets or personnel and finished within time and under budget



Shutdown Manager - Shell Todd Oil Services

Photo: Helicopter taking off from Maui B - with crew  going back to the heliport

Over the years Wells have provided the necessary instrument and electrical resources to the STOS facilities. Where the contract requires it, the necessary resources are made available. These include but are not limited to the requirements of day to day maintenance roles through to major greenfield project roles, including providing engineering management support staff. This has often led to innovative solutions enhancing the outcomes for the client

Maui Production Station, Oanui at Sunrise

Photo: Maui Production Station, Oanui at Sunrise

The demand for these types of roles vary with the processes of the facilities yet Wells has been successfully able to meet the demands through peaks and troughs within the industry


The success of this contract has lead Wells onto other similar contracts with other clients where our recognised industry knowledge for this model is valued.