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Burwood Hospital Christchurch



‚ÄčWells was awarded the electrical contracting work for earthquake remedial work undertaken on Burwood Hospital, Christchurch. The project involved regular electrical maintenance work, and has led to Wells being involved in similar district Health board projects across New Zealand...

Wells was awarded the electrical contracting work by Naylor Love to conduct earthquake remedial work on Burwood Hospital in Christchurch.


The Allan Bean centre suffered significant damage from the February 2011 vearthquake, Wells had to remove fittings from walls so they could be replaced, this included repairing data cables damaged during the building process.


The work consisted of removing ceiling fittings and lights then repairing, replacing and refitting. This was all done whilst normal hospital operations continued, this was particularly important for the spinal unit.


The header room had to be rewired after the main building was demolished around it and a new shell created. This involved moving the switchboard and relay controller as well as installing tray work.


Wells put new socket circuits, data points and data patch panel into the old medical records building which was identified to be used by project managers and architects for the new Burwood Hospital construction.

Burwood Hospital theatre lights removed, repaired and fitted by Wells
Burwood Hospital main corridor lighting installed by Wells

Photo: Burwood Hospital theatre lights removed, repaired and refitted by Wells.

Photo: Burwood Hospital main corridor lighting installed by Wells.

Wells had to complete many varied and change of use areas needing rewiring. The largest was the old surgical block that had to be refitted to AS/NZS 3003 as patient areas.

Wells rewired sockets, disconnected and removed old theatre bollards, then moved theatre lights and controllers from the existing plastic surgery wing to the new positions, reconfigured the distributions board, installed RCD controls, emergency and exit lighting circuits, heat pump power and control circuits and run a new clinical emergency circuit.


In the end Wells successfully completed several hundred meters of corridor lighting, consultant rooms and offices. This has led to Wells becoming involved in similar District Health Board projects across New Zealand.

Burwood Hospital

I strongly believe had it not been for Wells expertise we would not have successfully completed this area of work on time and to the standard it finished up at.



Project Manager - Naylor Love

Photo: Burwood Hospital main carpark.