Auckland Electric Train at Train Wash



Wells provided electrical,mechanical as well as purchasing and management support to Wilcomatic for the installation of a Train Wash for the new electric trains at Wiri Station in Manukau, Auckland...

For more information about Wells projects

For more information about Wells projects

This project, commissioned by Auckland Transport to Wilcomatic, involved the installation of a train wash at the newly constructed maintenance and stabling facility for Auckland’s electric trains at Wiri Station, Manakau.


The purpose-built $100 million facility comprises a 7,650 square metre maintenance building, train wash, six kilometres of rail track sidings, stabling for 28 three-car trains and a cleaning platform so the inside of the trains can be vacuumed and washed. There is also a locally operated points system so all train movements can be controlled on-site.

Wells electricians working at Wiri Station Train Wash
Wiri Station Auckland Train Wash

Photo: Wells staff working on electrical control outside train wash station.

Photo: Electrically powered fixed brush system installed by Wells inside train wash station.

Wells provided electrical and mechanical support to Wilcomatic to complete the project. This involved tasks such as electrical lines isolation, installation of the electrically powered fixed brush system, site scaffolding and lines pipe cutting.


Wells also provided purchasing and management support to Wilcomatic, supplying all materials by sourcing gear and advice for the project. Wells also attending management site visits and project meetings alongside Auckland Transport and Wilcomatic.


Wells had a large focus on safety and took part in off-site and on-site site inductions with Auckland Transport.


This was a 2 month, 1600 man-hour project. Wells had positive feedback from Wilcomatic on how staff conducted their work, and were acknowledged by Auckland Transport as being very flexible to the increased scope and resources required for this unique project.


Wells have been awarded the on-going maintenance/faults works for the train wash facility.







Train Wash Pump at Wiri Station

Photo: Water recycling system for train wash.

This facility has been designed
with safety and efficiency of the maintenance workers top of mind.


It is a credit to all those involved to see it finished on time and within budget.



Auckland Mayor - Auckland Transport Media Release